Touch-Taiwan 2019

Hi Everyone,

I visited this show last week and thought to share what I saw.

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Honestly, maybe 5% or less of the show had things related to Touch, so not sure where the name of the show comes from :).

Then, there were others companies like TPK which basically does OEM/ODM of touch layer for brands like Dell etc…
Few booths on the Electronic Paper Display technology, with E-Ink (from Taiwan I think) being the biggest, not related to touch though.
Glass-free 3D 8K screen from StreamTV which I haven’t heard about before (only company I know doing this was Alioscopy)


@rlanguebien, “Hony” definitely catches my attention. :sweat_smile: Thanks a lot for sharing. Did you come across any digital signage creation software provider?

lol, Pony !
Usually in Taiwan, it’s hardware-centric companies only.
The only booth that was showing 1 or 2 ‘solutions’ (like a Lift & Learn) was AUO, using ComQi Traditional Digital Signage CMS / Software that they bought few years ago, hence done in HTML5.