Touch Screen with Arduino

Hi All.

I showcase plants and seed types for one of our clients as a training tool. Basically they will have a table with different plant types and seeds laid out on it. There is a LED on each pot-plant/next to each seed. This is connected to a tablet device via USB. (wires will be hidden for a neat presentation).

There will then be a touchscreen device that has a customized app. This app will have a variety of ‘buttons’ for the operator to choice from. As they choose a button a image of that specific plant/seed will appear on the screen showing data about these guys as well. As they exit the image/data sheet the LED on the table also switched off. They can then move onto the next plant.

My question is can i create this app in intuiface as a beginner AND can I communicate this app to an Arduino setup to activate/ deactivate the LED lights. The software needs to tell the Arduino to switch certain channels on/off.


Hi Trevor @projects and welcome to the Intuiface community!

At a first glance, I’d say yes, you can create this app in Intuiface.

  • To communicate with your Arduino, you’ll want to use the Interface Asset provided in this article. This will enable you to send & receive events through Serial port but will require you to run Intuiface Player on a Windows device, and to have your Arduino ready to receive this commands to do the proper actions (switch channels on/off) in its own code.
  • A simpler solution with Intuiface would be to use off the shelf actuators like Nexmosphere. It looks like you already have your hardware ready, so just keep this in mind as a potential solution for a future project.

To have a better overview of how such Interface Assets work, I recommend you the lesson “Working with sensors & actuators” available in this free course: Connecting to the world | Course | Intuiface Academy