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Hello everyone:

I have been searching for a 50” or 55” touch screen they are expensive and not many are available these days. So, I decided to look at overlays to my surprise they cost almost double the cost of the commercial displays. Seems odd that is the case!

Trying to find info on Touch Screen Displays and other products is very time consuming and frustrating.There is no one place or website that provides all information regarding Digital Signage equipment.

I was hoping Intuiface had more info, but they do not. Someone knowledgeable about digital signage
should create a pdf or something on what equipment is needed and what are the differences in each.
In the mean time I will ask you! Call it a survey hopefully your answers will provide newbies some the info they need to succeed in this business.

4K Displays LCD LED OLED Mini LED

1/ What is the best display type panel to use for interactive touch screen and why?

  • ISP
  • VA
  • TFT
  • S-PVA
  • Others

2/ What large format displays are you using and why?

  • BenQ
  • Elo Touch
  • Hisense
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Phillips
  • Sharp\Nec
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Other

3/ What brightness or nits or cd/m2 is the best for a indoor location well lit and why?

  • 350
  • 450
  • 500
  • 700
  • Or higher

4/ Do you purchase displays without Overlays?
Or with Overlay preinstalled?

5/ Companies that provide overlays?

6/ What Mini PC’s are you using for Digital Signage?

  • Asus
  • Intel Nuc i5 or i7
  • Beelink
  • Lenovo
  • Minisforum
  • Simply Nuc
  • Zotac
  • Other

Please answer these questions and help others who are searching for this information.
Thank you for time!

Great idea for a poll!

Intuiface is agnostic both by design and by reputation. By design: agnosticism ensures our customers can make decisions based purely on their needs, preferences, and budget. By reputation: our business depends on healthy relationships/partnerships with all hardware vendors. It’s not in our business interest to have public hardware opinions. (Private ones? Sure. But only off the record. :innocent:)

However, we do have some big-picture views to share:

  • Digital Interactivity Landscape (Found our website under the “Ecosystem” menu option.)
    Here we list display vendors by technology. (For some reason, the image of the landscape is shrunk. Just click it to enlarge or download the pdf. I’ll get the sizing issue resolved.)
  • Tech Ecosystem - Validated Hardware (Found our website under the “Ecosystem” menu option.)
    Here are “player” vendors whose devices have been validated as Intuiface friendly. The list isn’t complete, it’s just the ones the vendor or we tested with Intuiface. There are lots of other vendors.
  • Digital Signage Costs and Considerations (One of our recent blog articles.)
    A high-level walk through all the stuff one needs for a digital signage project. We don’t put exact numbers or vendors in there because that would put the article out of date in about a week. It’s more about creating a complete checklist to assist research.
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Thank you for the information. As you know it is difficult to find accurate information regarding digital signage products. So many specs to look over. Just today I printed out almost 100 pages of specs from manufacturers.

Without any comparison between products you’re left to pick the products on your own. One mistake and it costs you thousands of dollars.

On top of that there is a shortage of large displays with or without touch screens worldwide. I’m hoping the Intuiface community will come together and help each other out. Knowledge is not meant to be hidden under a cover. It is to be shared and embraced by others who need it. Thank you all for any information you can provide!

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Hi Frank @airxmedia,

As you know, Intuiface doesn’t sell any hardware so besides providing the lists Geoff mentioned, it’s difficult for us to say “this is the screen our customers are using”, simply because most of the time, we don’t have that information ourselves.

That being said, after being … 16 years in the industry (ouch…), I can share my personal opinion

  • Overlays are from the past and unless talking about a very specific need (huge video wall with lower cost) shouldn’t be considered in 2023. PCAP (Projected Capacitive) is the touch technology you want to use
    • In that very rare case you need an overlay, to my knowledge, PQLabs is still the reference (used by many integrators)
  • Display/Panel brand doesn’t matter much to me (again, I’m not the AV guy) provided there is stock, availability and customer service.
  • Choosing a Mini PC will always depend on the experience resolution, structure complexity and amount of content. A cheaper PC made to run a video playlist or single FullHD screen simple interactive experience shouldn’t be used to run a 4x4 4K touch video wall. Because of that, my best recommendation is to
    • Have a good knowledge & specs of what the XP will look like
    • When possible, build a quick proof of concept in Intuiface, using fake but relevant media/content (ex: 4K videos if they’re in the scope)
    • Buy 1 PC with the specs you think will be ok for that project, and test, test, test. Before sending a quote for 1xxx of these units to be deployed in the field.

When it comes to the Intuiface Player for Windows, a rule of thumb I like to use for interactive Intuiface experiences is the following, using CPU Mark values

  • Above 5000/6000 points is “ok”
  • Above 8000 is good for most single screen FullHD XPs
  • Above 10000 is good as a working machine / single screen 4K experience (ex: my own i7-10710U NUC mini workstation)
  • Above 15000/20000 for video walls / multi screen projects / 4K content …

Again, this just a rule of thumb and will never replace testing your experience on your device :slight_smile:

These CPU Mark requirements might go down with Player Next Gen…


Seb, thank you for the information!

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