Touch ID authentication for Intuiface


I’m wondering if there is a workaround to get fingerprint authentication within Intuiface? Like a combination with a 3th party app and IFTTT or something? Would be great to unlock certain areas of your experience with your fingerprint. If this is not possible at the moment, perhaps as a future feature?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Nicholas,

To achieve such a thing, you’ll need to add a fingerprint sensor to your device. I’d guess then that this sensor will have an API that you could use through our API Explorer.

Can you tell us more about the hardware you’d like to use in your scenario?


Thank you for your response.
I’m planning to use it with an Apple Ipad Pro 12.9

That would require to implement Apple’s Touch ID SDK within our Player for tablets and this is not on our roadmap.

I thought you were referring to a third party reader that would be plugged to a PC. In this case, you could have created your own Interface Asset to communicate with it.