Touch Heat Map

This is a random idea that I thought would be cool to impress clients -
Instead of numerical ‘tracking’, wouldn’t it be cool if Intuiface could generate a ‘heat-map’ of where everyone touched on a scene for a given time period?

I don’t have a graphic to attach at this time, but imagine your XP could generate a JPEG of your home screen. Layered on that JPEG would be color blotches everywhere people touched. The darker the color concentration, the more touches there were on that area.

It could be helpful for UX testing, and another way to “wow” your clients by showing them visually where people are most interested.

I can think of a lot of challenges to creating something like this…but hey, it could be neat if it’s possible.

What do you think?

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  • Nah, who needs it

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Technically, this is already partially doable if you want to track buttons / Assets clicks on screen, using a Custom Interface Asset, or why not an Excel file and formulas.

Depending on the result you expect to display, you can compute “areas” of touch, count the number of interaction and transform that into a color and / or opacity.

The advantage of using a custom IA is to be able to use clustering algorithm that would create the “heat zones” for you, while with a simple Excel file you’ll have to use predefined areas to count events on.

My 2 cents :slight_smile: