Touch event only ever fires once

I am rebuilding the “spin the wheel” project from scratch in order to learn the composer interface and I have hit up against a problem. I have a rectangle object set up to trigger the wheel spin on touch. The rectangle covers the entire wheel area and I am using the trigger “user activity detected” to capture touch events, the output is set to “simulate a tap” on our “spin the wheel” button.

When publishing the project and running it on our touch screen TV, the touch event only ever happens once. The first time I touch the wheel it spins fine, but then the touch never triggers again. The “Spin the wheel” button continues to work fine every time.

I have set the touch area to be static, thinking that maybe I was accidentally moving the rectangle when I touched it. I have placed the rectangle at the very top of the layer stack so it is sitting on top of all other elements and I have toggled off the “visible to interactivity” option (the little hand) on all elements other than the button and the touch area. Still the same result. What am I missing?

Hi Rick,

From your pretty complete description, I can’t figure out what you are missing. You should start a discussion with support and share your experience with them (xp-for-support (at) intuilab (dot) com).