Too Many Toggle Buttons?


I am emulating the iOS scrolling list of options by filling a vertically scrolling Asset Grid with Toggle Buttons. When you press the button it gets highlighted and writes text from the button label to a text box. The problem is the two lists are pretty long. One is a list of United States (50) and one is a list of Countries (196). The “checked color” behavior is not consistent. As you scroll the list and press buttons they will not change to the checked color and some will not clear the checked color when another button is pressed. The problem doesn’t stick to particular buttons. It just kind randomly happens. The whole time the Action that writes the text to box works fine. It is just the color changing that is not consistent. Have I run up against a limit by having such a large Toggle Set? It is the Asset Grid?

As another test a made a Toggle Button set with 104 buttons that are static and not part of an Asset Grid. Their checked color worked fine.


Hello Greg,

I tried to reproduce your issue but didn’t manage to :confused:
Maybe you want to share your Experience so Community may have a look at it ?

Anyway, I’ve made a “quick and dirty” sample with Countries and US States list, it may help you, feel free to download and test it. (6.0 MB)

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask :wink:



I was able to get it to happen with yours too. I noticed that if you scroll so fast that the buttons disappear and reappear that the “no highlight” problem happens more often. But I can get it to happen without heavy scrolling. Just keep pressing buttons and it happens. I also saw where certain buttons got affected but others didn’t.

If you still want to see my project I would be fine it just can’t be publicly viewable.

This is on a 12” iPad Pro.