Tolken renewal every 30 days

Hi all

I have an issue with an token delivered from a company that are making app’s for constructions sites.
Once a month they automatically change my token as a security procedure. Is it possible to automate this? My login and password is still the same.
The whole IF project is build up on API’s that need this token to be able to get updates and so on?

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Kasper Rask

Hi @kasper,

In your screenshot, I believe I see a web service that uses a password as a parameter input (that doesn’t change, right?) and provides a token among the result. This token is the one that you need to reuse across all the other API calls you’re making in that experience. Is this correct?

If so, you can schedule the experience to call that “sign-in” API first when launching the experience, or on a regular basis (every day, every first day of the month, …) and then have all your other APIs use this response token as their parameter inputs.

This procedure is very similar to the one described in this article:

Let me know if that answers your needs.


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Hi Seb

Yes my password dosen’t change and yes all of my API calls need this token. I have tried to set it up like the photos, is that correct?

Hi @kasper,

It’s difficult to say with just 2 snapshots. For such questions, I’d recommend you to contact our support team. They’ll ask you to share your XP with us so we can have a deeper look at it in Composer.
Just from what I can see here, I’d question how / when this “Hjem” toggle button is actually checked, and is that done on a regular basis to renew your token.

Hi Seb
I’ll try to contact Support also. But yes the Hjem (home) button is used regular.