Toggle Button - Set Text Color

I realized there is no action to set the text color of a Toggle Button’s text.

This would be really helpful, because if you change the checked/unchecked colors…it’s almost always required to change the text color to match.

I’m aware that the color is available for binding, and that you can change the color though that external binding…but this adds an extra step (and in the long run I forgot about this binding for a project and ended up changing colors all over the place in a current project lol)

Anyone else think this would be helpful?

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An alternative solution to the same need could be to have a “checked font color” property, but yes, +1 for this need :slight_smile:


I’d love to see this—I’m currently changing opacity with my toggles to mark a checked and unchecked toggle, but that still limits me to one color.

If I can add one more item to the wish list: Checked and unchecked fonts. Since there are plenty of fonts that have bold, semi-bold, regular etc. type faces, it would be handy to change the font weight as well as the font color.

Hi @phil,

I’m not saying we do not need that improvement, that would make our life much easier, but you do have a way to use multiple colors, either for the button itself or the font color, using a custom script converter.
It’s all detailed here:

As for changing the font family / weight with this mechanism, I’ve never tried (and was never asked by our graphic designers), so I’m not sure what I’d put as the text return values in this converter. Although, you could easily bind the “bold” text property to the “is checked” property, which is a first step.

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Thanks Seb! I don’t usually do any script stuff but this looks pretty simple.