Greetings. I have been unable to information on how to scroll to the next item on the timeline. Surely this is something basic but I can’t figure it out. When I bring the next image in and press alt and enter the date I can’t get to it. I am just stuck at the beginning of the asset. In player the scroll works fine. I would also like to tie text to the images I am trying to place on the timeline but they don’t stick and appear where I scroll to in player. My base is the timeline from the Burton example. TIA.

Hi Kaz,

Unfortunately, the Scroll previous/next actions aren’t implemented with the Timeline Asset, only “Scroll to an item” which may not be helpful in your case.

I recommend you to test if using an Asset Grid Interface Asset could do the trick for you.

On a side-note: don’t forget you can save a lot of time by using an Excel Interface Asset to populate your collections, as shown in this dedicated Webinar.




Hi Alex thank you. Yes I am having trouble with scroll an item as well because I can’t finure out how to the divisions between the years narrower. But the timeline is back working, I just had to rebuild it.
My next question can I link an image with a text field within an asset grid. This would save a lot of time. I was unable to get the excel asset to work for this purpose. Thank you

Elements of an Asset Grid can be of various types, including a Group. A group can be a combination of several type, like Text, Image, Video etc. So I it’s a big yes, but I really could use more details.

Added to my previous recommendations (learn basics, watch webinars) I also encourage you to check our Marketplace which is providing plenty of Free samples to download and dig in. You might want to check the Steelframes Collection experience that displays images with text in a collection at start for instance.

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