Timeline always in date of today

I have content with reservation of rooms. Is it possible to program it in a way that it will show the current day. In timeline i can only get it start on the initial start day and need tot scroll tot the current day.

Hi Erik,

I’ve used this timeline set from 01 Jan. 2019 to 31 Dec. 2019 as sample.

As you see, I’ve set the viewport to diplay a timeframe of 30 days around 01 June 2019.

In order to change it, you can set a trigger/action:

  • WHEN scene is entered, THEN center Timeline on date DD/MM/YY

I’ve done it below and used the Clock Interface Asset to grab the date of the day with a binding.

By doing this, when you enter the scene, your timeline will be automatically moved to the date of the day.

You can find a list of available actions for Timeline here.



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Opening this one up again, Ideally for me, I’d love the ability to open at the start of the week, as my Events are for 1 week. The closest is “Has been entered - center on date”, then i select Date: Short date. Is there any way to hack this (maybe with a text manipulation) to be at the start of the current week?
UPDATE: I guess I can always put my start-date of the Item (Since they Spread “Physically” the whole width of the screen, to the “Middle” day of the week, i;e: 3 days prior to the start…)

Also, the Viewport “Initial start date”, will there be a way to set this to be managed from a dynamic field? i.e: Todays short date?

Thanks in advance…