Time Delay Required Between Posting


I just found out that the forum requires you to wait a certain period of time before posting new topics/info. I assume this is for security/spam reasons, but we will often go through spikes of activity while we are in forums. I’ll often post a lot of topics that I’ve saved, or make many comments at once to save time while I’m in the community. Is there any way to remove this required delay? Thanks!


News to me!

@anastasia: Were you aware of this time delay for posting new topics? I’m guessing it’s configurable.


Researching this for you, Alex. I didn’t even know this delay existed.


Very helpful feedback once again, Alex.
There was indeed a rate limit on posting new topics, it has been removed.
However, I’m still not sure why the 3rd and 4th time you were limited for 24 hours, this is not normal, I’m still looking into that.

Edit: Found the problem, all good now (: .


Great! I’ll check it out and do some more testing when I’ve got a bit more time!