Tickers - The tomato ketchup of digital signage

Ok, having a digital signage platform without RSS/Message Tickers is like having French fries or burgers without ketchup.

I know you can animate text the Composer, but that is not how tickers work. So it will be great if you have this feature, maybe as an IA.

It could be bound to either an item from an RSS Feed (after being imported using the Web API), a Text file, or a column from an Excel sheet, or a message you type directly into it.

The following preferences should be available.
If it is an item bound from RSS feed, then we can choose all, or x number of feeds, the direction of the ticker crawl (for non-Latin), with an image separator between each feed and the speed. It would also look great if it can parse HTML code, this way we can have text with colors (like stock market data)

I hope I do not sound too demanding. :slight_smile:


Hi @ahmed, Thanks for sharing the feedback as always :slight_smile: Let me open a poll for this to see how many would find it useful.

  • The ability to add RSS feed with extra functions! I’d love to have that feature!
  • I don’t think this is necessary

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