Throw Images Offscreen to Close Them


Wondering if its possible to take a photo/image, and “throw” it off the screen to close it? Anyone ever done this, is it possible?


Hello Ted,

Actually, you can’t throw elements fully offscreen. Container set as Free still have a hardcoded constraint that prevent their center to move out of the screen limits in order to never lose it.

Anyway, one solution could be to set 4 small transparent (opacity 0) zones on the 4 sides and to set several drag’n drop triggers in order to “hide” an element when it “thrown” over one of these zones.

I made a quick Sample for you to test. (4.9 MB)




Thanks for your help. Maybe and interesting idea for future feature. You tend to see futuristic HUDs in movies where people open items, and then “throw” them off screen and open another item.


Indeed, these movies are most of the time really inspirational from a UI point of view but unfortunately awkward when it comes to UX :disappointed_relieved:

If you like these, I recommend this tumblr: :wink:


Hah! Cool site, yes a lot of eye candy verses user experience. But still, throwing images off screen to close them is cool.

I expect to see that in the next release! :wink:


Some update (thanks @alban):

You can use a Pinboard with a size X/Y bigger than your scene and put your images inside. When you “throw them out”, they will go over the borders and be away from the eyes :wink:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to trap drag’n drop events out of the scene, consequence is … I don’t really set the visibility of images to “False”. Images are just out of the scene view but still there and technically visible.

Sample: (4.9 MB)


Thanks Alex! I will check it out.