The Intuiface Player can run in BrightSign HD1024 Expanded I/O Player

Hello Community I am in the process to create a kiosk project and the client have the unit kiosk with BrightSign HD1024 Expanded I/O Player.

Intuiface Player can run there?

Here the link of the product:


Hi @ososa,

Intuiface doesn’t support (yet) Brightsign players.
You can see our system requirements here.

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Thanks so much Seb.
I will try to use a mini pc connected to the multitouch screen.

Sorry: Could you recommend a mini PC with a low price for the intuiface player?

Best regards!

Check this page:

Excellent information, thanks!

I think this can work:

A Celeron is below our recommended specs. I’d prefer an i3 8th gen at least, but it really depends on the complexity of the experience you’ll create

Hello Seb:
we are thinking in to create a kiosk app with 4 sections with these functions:

  • AR Photobooth with Intuiface (similar), inspired-by-dallas-cowboys-pose-with-the-pros/
    webcam, videos with green screen…
  • Create a Christmas Card (e-card) and send to email
  • Calendar of activities
  • Video Gallery
    Resolution: 1080x1920 (vertical)

Do you think this mini pc can move these resources?

Hi @ososa,

For the 3 last bullets, yes, if the experience is well built.
For the AR photobooth, I haven’t tried it on an i3 8th gen, so definitely it’s to be tested before put this in production. I ran it either on my i7 7th gen laptop or an i5 8th gen NUC.