Text to speech


I would like to use text to speech in an experience that will be used in a player in a museum. Do I need the same voices and languages installed on the machine where my composer installation is as will be used on the machine with the player?

Also, has anyone actually been able to change voice and language as described in the documentation?

The experience I am developing will use two languages, English and Swedish. Preferably I would like the language of the text to speech to change by clicking the same button where I change the language in the experience. Most likely by the click of a image button showing an English flag when the experience is in Swedish and a Swedish flag when the experience is in English.



Hi @it15,

Yes you need to have the same voice package on the target machine.

Actually, the simplest way to change your voices is to do a drag and drop of the Text-to-Speech Interface Asset on your scene. It will create a panel for your tests like this:

Then you will be able to test and check what packages are already installed.

To install new packages, I installed:




I have tried to install new languages/voices using the links you supplied but nothing happens. Strange thing is that the voice in composer, Microsoft Zira Desktop English Femail Adult, is not the voice I see in my windows preferences. In my preferences I have a Swedish voice but this is not available in composer and vice versa. Is there a special preference/setting in windows where I can actually see the Microsoft Zira Desktop stuff? I downloaded both English UK and Swedish using the links you supplied and installation was successful according to the installer script. But nothing shows anywhere regardless of restart of both windows and composer.


Hello @it15 ,

I recommend you to open a ticket on our Support Site so our team can investigate and link them to this current thread so they have some inputs.