Text input last character won't erase

Hi I’m having trouble with the text input.

I have developed a little quiz where people have to actually answer questions through the text input. Problem is : if you type the wrong answer and want to delete the letters you have typed, the last letter is unerasble… unless you select it with a long tap (on android), but this is terrible for the UX because people aren’t used to select the text to erase it, they just want to bacspace the text, and that doesn’t work, the last letter always stays there.

Can you help me out with this ?

Thank you for your help !

Hi @dixie.aufildutemps, Could you please create a discussion with the support team here for this issue? Thy’ll be able to look at your issue in detail.


Hi, yes I have opened a ticket a few days ago, so I decided to ask the
community because I’m still waiting for an answer.


This question is being addressed in this support thread thus I’m closing this community thread.