Text input as activity

I’m noticing that text input (both with a physical keyboard and with the onscreen keyboard) is not properly being detected as “activity” either on the object itself (the text input box) or the scene. Due to this, I now have two problems.

  1. I cannot set a trigger like this:

  2. If a user takes a long time to enter text in a field, they may risk hitting a scene-wide time limit to drop our digital signage back to a screensaver.

Is there any way to get text input by the user to be picked up as “activity” in the scene?

Hello Nick,

I confirm, keyboard events are not considered as “real” interactions such as if you’ve touched the screen, and this is why inactivity timer is triggered. We have a ticket about it in our backlog for the Dev team.

To work around it, please find attached a sample using steps mentioned bellow.

Steps are :

  • Add a global variable (IsInactive = false) and a countdown (30s)
  • Add an inactivity timer trigger (10s) using conditional triggers (if Global Variable “IsInactive” equals true: go to screen saver)
  • On each scene where you are using a input text add a trigger, when text is updated actions are:
    • set the Global variable to false
    • reset and start the countdown
  • On the countdown interface asset add a trigger action : when time is reached: set the global variable “IsInactive” to true

Here is an article which mentioned this kind of workaround using videos.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more assistance,



InactivityInput.zip (6.6 MB)

That appears to be exactly what I needed for now. Thank you for the workaround, it’s working great!