Test a user experience created in composer, in Intuiface player with an automation tool?

We have created a User experience in composer and want to test in Intuiface player,

Now this User experience needs to be tested for end to end functional testing, regression testing. This tasks becomes quite laborious with each change in the requirement.

Can we use any automation testing tool to automate the testing scripts ? for functional testing and performance testing??

Any thoughts would be helpful?

Hi @nraghavan.swastik and welcome to the Intuiface community.

Intuiface doesn’t provide such automated test solution as everybody’s needs would be quite different, although, depending on the tests you need to perform, Intuiface does provide API so you can control an experience from an external script / testing tool for example.
You could for example write your own test tools that would

  • Use Local Network Triggers (Windows only) or our Web Triggers API to remotely control an experience (ex: navigate to a scene, simulate a tap on a button, etc…)
  • Depending on the platform/OS you are testing on and the tools / script language you use, take some screenshots to compare to a reference.

I hope this give you some ideas on how to create your own automated testing solution.

Best regards,