Task Board Setting "Row to up date" vs just using "Row ID"

When should I use “Row to Update” or just row ID# when making changes via toggle buttons, show and hide items, ect…

Is there a difference?

As I delete tasks, I see the states of items “visible/not visible” applied for a moment to the nest task in line. If I delete a task that has had the “Status button” hidden, the next line item’s “Status button” will hide and reappear.

Hi Brian,

I don’t understand your request about “Row to Update” or just row ID# … available actions on Excel IA are pretty straightforward:

  • Add row switches from read to write mode so you can add data into your Excel spreadsheet. The action parameters correspond to the data content of every column of the Excel file.
  • Delete all rows removes all data rows in the spreadsheet - i.e. all rows except the first row, which contains the column headers.
  • Delete row removes a specified row. All rows below the deleted row will be moved up - i.e. their row number will decrease by 1.
  • Update cell enables overwriting of cell contents with new content.
  • Update row : enables overwriting an entire row with new content.

I think we’re lacking context here and you may have to give a lot more details about your experience.

Maybe you want to open a ticket on Support so our team can investigate.