Task Bar Showing

Hi. We have a presentation running on a large videowall that is actually 3 presentations running next to each other. Its using a batch file to run each of the 3 presentations. Whenever this runs, the task bar shows, and is constantly seen until each of the presentations is clicked,

Is there anyway via a switch / that we can stop this happening.Obviously a taskbar showing gives access to the whole server potentially.

You could prevent explorer.exe from booting at all. This is what we do.

I just did this with a couple of touchscreen kiosks we sent out this week. If you right click on the taskbar and go to “Taskbar Settings”, you can click on “Automatically hide task bar in desktop mode”. This isn’t as powerful of a solution as disabling explorer.exe, but it’s working for the show these are at currently.


normally the taskbar should no more be displayed above the player after launching a player (or even 3 players :wink: )
This also used to occur when deploying an experience on a remote player through the MC.

We fixed this issue in the latest 6.0.7 player.


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