Tap instead of swipe to advance slide in Asset Flow


We have an asset flow that will be fairly quick so tap just once to advance each photo would be more advantageous than swiping each time. Is this possible?


Do you mean that when you have more than 10 images in your asset grid you have to swipe and then once an image is in focus you tap it?.

All you need to do is go into the asset grid settings and then change the Number of items in focus to what ever you want, higher the better then you can just tap on anything you want.

For example you have 10 images in your asset grid when ( Number of items in focus = 1 ) means that you have to swipe and then tap but if you have 10 images in your asset grid when ( Number of items in Focus = 10 ) you will be able to tap anyone as long as they are visible.

Hope this helps



Thanks for the quick response, but actually I want to be able to tap the screen each time I want the next photo to move to the center stage instead of swiping it into place.


What you would need to do its create a trigger under your asset grid so

Select your asset grid add trigger.

Do this under Triggers and Actions

When is tapped Then asset flow next. then that will move it to the next image when you tap once. Then you can do the reverse for double tap.

Hope this helps you.


Perfect! Thanks a ton!

I’m also utilizing video for the first time in one of my presentations. It’s working great so far, but I’m a little gun-shy due to past experiences with videos in Powerpoint and it crashing 50% of the time. But I haven’t had any issues yet.


Please make sure you update your software. @rstephens

That should fix the issues also there are only certain file types Intuiface will allow.

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this is Christophe from IntuiLab.
Let me just jump in about videos. We are aware that some videos might crashes intuiface thanks to our crash reports. If this ever happens to you, let us just know and provide us culprit videos (either in http://community.intuilab.com or on our support site http://support.intuilab.com). This is especially helpfull for us as there so many videos format and encoding that it is very hard to get and test them all!



Just to clarify, I have never had a video issue so far in Intuiface. I was referring to the problems with video in PowerPoint we have all had in the past.