Tap at Location Action


It’d be cool to create an action that causes a “Tap” at a specific location.

This would essentially open up some new functionality…like “macros”. If there are not properties that we can select for certain things, this could be helpful to automate an interactive behavior to make something happen.

Two examples I can think of:

  • With Transparent Desktop - it could be used to interact with applications on the desktop. Since IF cannot trigger things outside of it’s program, this would be a crude way to cause something to happen on the desktop.
  • Cause things to happen when opening items/groups from a gallery. From this discussion Accessing the Items - Dynamic Folder
  • it could be a way to auto-play a video once it’s open, by setting a tap directly on the play button of the video after it’s opened. (In theory)

As bonuses…if possible:

  • it’d be cool to set a coordinated tap into specific assets. For example, it would help the background Transparency idea of interacting with desktop items. For example - when button is pressed, Background “Initiates tap at X, Y” or initiates double tap at x,y.
  • or take it a step further - drag is initiated from x,y to x,y on specific element.

This would be a way to make things happen when they are covered up by other elements, or inaccessible.

Love to hear some thoughts or other ideas!

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Accessing the Items - Dynamic Folder
Muting Volume in Web Browser Asset

By the way, this could also be a work-around to make things happen in the web browser asset. If there is a video that autoplays for example, you could set an exact touch on the video to pause it.

Again, I know this functionality is not an exact science, but it can at least open up some doors which are hard to build specific features for.


I Agree it would be a workaround for many situations. The situation of the transparent desktop you mentioned would be amazing


@AlexB I added a poll to your 1st message.

My personal opinion on this one: I think this “workaround” solution wouldn’t be very safe & robust, since computing the correct X / Y coordinates for your tap action might become a nightmare.
I’d rather investigate the API of the third party application that runs in the background to see how I can pilot it, but that’s the “developer” talking here :slight_smile:



@Seb Haha, understandable. Since I’m not a developer, I get nightmares about custom API’s sometimes!

It’d probably be Ok to set a tap at the coordinates as related to the whole screen if that’s easier, instead of on an asset. Which means that objects could still block the taps, and you couldn’t tap “Under” something.

It’s an out-there idea, I know.