Tangible Recognition / TUIO Protocol Touch Screen

Hi Guys, here for your help, if im looking forward to test Tangible object recognition experiences, which “commercial” touch screen ( Viewsonic, Asus etc…) would you recommend, does one of these brands “support” the TUIO interface ? or any other brand you knoW and used? knowing that this os just for Test and experience use in the lab no to the final User.

Thanks !!!

Hi Daniel,

I’m not sure it’s going to be easy to use tangible objects with such screens, unless you find a middleware that transforms the touch points info into TUIO objects.
@Louie_Smith may have some insight there.

If it’s just for test, an easy (and much cheaper) solution is just to use a TUIO Simulator as explained here: https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007432151-Using-tangible-objects-aka-Object-Recognition-#about-the-tuio-protocol

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Thanks @Seb

@daniel1 We have both types of Touch Technology working with Object Recognition, our Promultis Lightning III IR touchscreen or our Promultis 100 Touch Tab top or Insert.

If you want I can give you some discounted pricing as you are apart of Intuiface! Send me a direct message.

Here is our Pricelist here

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There are some TUIO bridges that work cross platform for object recognition and acts as a bridge between the system and Intuiface. I once did a marker test.