Tangible Object Tracking for TUIO Interface Asset


Hi All,

i need really urgentlly a sollution for Object recognition.
I Have create a project with the Composer and i´m must to use the OBJECT RECOGNITION.

i have three objects what i´m must detected. Don´t move or rotate only detection from the object.

Is it possible to count the touchpoint in a part of screen.
when i have 3 points, than…
Wen i have 4 points than…

Please let me knoiw for any ideas…



What touchscreen do you have?


55 inch capacitive touchfoil with 40 Points


Who is the touch foil made by?


Hi @Edward,

We discussed this scenario quite several times this week at the ISE tradeshow in Amsterdam. If you have a hardware + some kind of middleware than transform the USB signal into TUIO, including the objoects inputs, then you can use the samples in this article.
If you don’t, you could think about manually counting the points / tracking the object but it could quickly become into a nightmare with non guaranteed results.

Check this post for more information about IntuiFace & Tangible objects.