Tags for Published to Web Experiences

Hi Community,

I have 4 iPads in 4 locations and each iPad controls experiences based on player tags. This part is not an issue.
I’m planning to publish tablet control experience to web and my question, how can I add some kind of “tags”? I want to use these tags so I can tell iPad A to communicate to experiences in location A, meanwhile iPad B with the same experience will communicate to experiences B, etc.

I assume I can publish iPad experience 4 times and use different links to build a logic to make it work… but just want to check if it’s the way or maybe I’m missing something.


Hi @roman.polyanskiy,

For this kind of request please can you submit a support ticket to our support team, you can use this link to submit a support ticket .

From there we will be able to assist you with this type of question.

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Hi @roman.polyanskiy,

You can also watch my webinar from earlier this month where I explain how to use the URL Parser to do exactly that :slight_smile:


this is what I need :wink: Thanks!

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When I use my control experience as a progressive web app on my iPad then URL Parser doesn’t work - is it a limitation or an user issue? :slight_smile:

Hi @roman.polyanskiy,

We can call it a limitation, but I’d rather say it’s “by nature”. Once installed as a PWA, your app actually doesn’t have a ‘URL’ to be launched from, and it certainly doesn’t remember any of the parameters you may have used the first time to install that “web page” as a PWA.
So, not a limitation of the URL Parser itself, more of the transition between a webpage with a full URL to a PWA.

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