Tag group assets and automatically set triggers

Here’s an idea submitted by Alex Bernier and Liam Keogh :

" initial description from Liam Keogh: It would save so much time be able to group triggers. If I have to hide/show/move a number of different objects, instead of making a trigger for each individual object you should be able to select multiple objects and group them into one action.


Initiall description from Alex Bernier: I think it would be awesome if every layer of an XP had a given layer ID, that was also editable.

One example of how this could be helpful is for showing/hiding assets. Instead of individually selecting layers to show/hide…you could simply create a trigger that “Shows Assets with Id =, >,<,contains, between, etc”

That creates something more powerful than a group, because layers can be called together in different ways. And since you could Edit the layer ID, you could create your own callable groups with alphanumerics. For Example, Layer 1 is AA, Layer 2 is AB and Layer 3 is BB. Set a trigger to call all Layers with A in them, and another to call all layers with B in them.

Kind of like a ‘tagging’ system for each layer so you can assign triggers to all layers with certain tags. And any future layers you tag correctly automatically become part of that trigger.

There’s probably many more applications than simply show/hide by an Layer ID. Love to hear if this applies to anyone else’s designs."

What do you guys think?

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