Switch Intuiface Data Tracking Hub "owner"

Right now tracked data goes to a different user’s Data Tracking Hub. We would like to make the data feed go to my Hub instead. Is this possible?

Hi @dheck,

The logs go to the data tracking hub of the owner of the license used on the Composer/Player running an experience.
You might want to learn more about secondary accounts to find another way of organizing your licenses regarding your data tracking needs.


Thanks for your reply. I actually have another question: Is there a way to make a continuously scrolling text field. I know how to make a scrollable text field (the user must cause the text field to scroll) but I’d like to make the text field scroll continuously/automatically. I would imaging one would use a timer. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


You are right about the timer. Check this article to see how to create the scrollable text, then on a Timer trigger, call the Scroll to a point action with the proper parameters. See picture below.

Thanks Seb. I’ve made the scrolling text to my liking. Actually FYI another helpful article was this one: http://support.intuilab.com/kb/how-to/create-a-ticker-tape-message Thanks!


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