SVG Interface Assets

Hi All, I think it would be extremely useful to be able to bring SVG files in as IA’s where elements and nodes where discoverable and we were able to utilize other IA’s like Excel, Airtable, or REST to map status flags or any other attributes that we could use to trigger some sort of action.

A use case might be a new real estate community map where homes are being sold. Viewers would see a SVG based map of the site where current plots or home models are represented and their status (sold or available), etc.

Hi Jef,

In a recent project of ours, we create an SVG maps and wrapped them inside HTML element with full animated path. It renders beautifully on a nice big touch screen. You could try it this way.

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Thanks for the suggestion Ahmed. I would like the ability to map SVG elements / attributes to other Interface Assets to control colors on a map for instance. As far as I know, you can’t do that when the SVG is inside the HTML asset. Am I wrong about that?

You are right. You cannot at the moment. We should add the support of SVG in the wish list. Intuiface listens. You should add it and we will vote it up.

I find using SVG very useful in other application too.

Hi Jeff,

Since this topic is a duplicate of this one, I’m closing it and encourage you to add your comments here.

As @ahmed mentioned, you can already import SVG using the HTML Frame and do quite a few things, including interactivity, as explained in Irregular shaped clickable object (look at the world map sample)