Support for videos with transparency in background


Hi everybody,

We are currently evaluating technical solutions to answer this need.

I would be very interested in understanding the tools, the video formats and off course codecs that you guys use to produce such videos with a transparent background.

Support for Quicktime Video for Alpha Transparency

After Effects and Premier Pro

Export an AVI or QuickTime file with an alpha channel

  • Select the sequence.
  • Choose File > Export > Media.
  • In the Export Settings dialog box, choose Microsoft AVI or QuickTime from the Format menu.
  • On the Video tab, choose PNG, None, or Animation from the Video Codec menu, and choose 32 from the Depth menu.
  • Set other settings and click Export or Queue to export as you normally would.

Sony Vegas

  • Video Source
  • Use Chromakey, Mask tool, or secondary color corrector to create transparent areas.
  • Render as uncompressed avi and in Custom, select the "render Alpha Channel and Create OpenDML.

This will give you the transparent channel you want. Only a 32bit file can carry the alpha channel.
You could also output a sequential PNG with transparency.

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Uncompressed AVI with alpha channel
QuickTime with alpha channel
PNG Sequence
Targa Sequence
Tiff Sequence
Gif animation with transparency


For your information, with the 5.6 you can now use the following 2 format:

  • Apple Quicktime (MOV) with PNG compression (32bit) and alpha channel
  • Uncompressed AVI (32 bit) with alpha channel

Due the high data transfer rate needed for these videos, do not create too large videos and carefully check the player performance and the targeted PC