Support for Unity game engine


Here’s an idea submitted by @tosolini :
" Support for Unity game engine -
There is a lot of interest and buzz around Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Lots of 3D experiences are developed using the game engine Unity (

I think being able to embed Unity worlds in IntuiFace would open new opportunities for interactive digital signage."

What do you guys think?

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Enhanced support for 360 / Immersive media

Is this about supporting the exported project from Unity in WebGL?
I’m using UnrealEngine for VR development but this could be amazing for interactive experiences.


This would be great as we just tried to do this in the past 2 months. However your rendering engine isn’t strong enough to support the 3D rendering requirements so we had to scrap unity and go with 3D Max imports. We still has some issues as we had to compress the file a few times before we got to a comfortable import size for your software to handle. We found 15mb 3D object is about the max your software will support before it gets sluggish.

Anything your team can do to improve the rendering engine would be amazing.



I have uploaded a package that will allow you to host Unity applications directly in an IntuiFace experience. This is not a feature integrated in IntuiFace. Unity integration is currently BETA, and can only work with Windows 8 or above.

You can download the Unity Starter Package and Documentation from the following link:

Special Thanks to Roland, for creating this package!


Why Unity only and not Unreal?
I think that Unreal is a lot better because the blueprint node programming that lacks in Unity.
Regarding Unreal Engine there is a lot of literature, video courses, tutorials.
It’s easy to use, it’s powerful and you can create cinematic animations.
The Unreal support is Epic, literally and it’s free.



Hi Gabriele,

We did not make a choice between the two, for Unity, we already had a structure from previous projects, meaning we had a starting point and it was easier to integrate. In terms of malleability and from our dev perspective, Unity seemed to be more resource friendly at the time and it also corresponded with the coding language we used for IntuiFace. This doesn’t mean that we will never consider Unreal engine, it’s just a matter of demand and supply.




We also use unreal for VR and would love the capability to import our interactive architectural walkthroughs natively into intuiface. I’m very new to the software and still learning my way around but is there a way to launch an exe of the walkthrough?




Yes, you can launch external applications. To learn more about it, please take a look at the following article:



Thank you much, worked like a charm!


This posting is more than one year old. Is the Unity Intergration still BETA or final and implemented now?


Hi Olaf,

The attached package is a Beta version, it works if you need to integrate Unity in your IntuIFace applications. We have stopped development for this, honestly it was never on our roadmap to begin with. This package was coded by one of our developers as a courtesy for the IntuiFace community.



Why? It´s a very important feature.