Support for Quicktime Video for Alpha Transparency

Here’s any idea submitted by Dylan Voisard:

" Outside of the fact that we constantly receive client media as either .mp4 or .mov, this would open an entirely untapped dimension of design flexibility for many Intuiface users.

You would be able to incorporate alpha animations that could act as triggered art elements. In this way, Intuiface could function limitlessly in a design sense—whatever you can dream up in After Effects or Cinema4D would be able to come to life inside of Intuiface as a deeply complex graphic element (alpha video file triggered to play after a certain action is performed).

For example (screenshots attached), I cheated this with a perfectly sized duplicated quadrant of .mp4 video inside of Intuiface. Since .mp4 does not support alpha I had to be very careful lining the video up inside of the project so that it seamlessly fit into the background art.

When the logo was tapped or leap motion recognized a 2-finger gesture it triggered the .mp4 file to play. It was a simple animation of a 3D logo spinning around in Z-space and returning to it’s original position. As simple as it was, it added a whole new layer of depth and people really responded to it.

Support for the alpha Quicktime codecs (PNG, Animation, Pro Res 4444) would be a next step in the evolution of design capabilities that Intuiface offers—it would open a new door of possibility for Intuiface artists. "

What do you guys think?

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I’ve a retail table scenario where transparencies in video would be really useful. I hope this feature will get some attention as we could overlap animations, create nice storytelling effects and optimize the screen real estate.

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We’re asking for input from IntuiFace users in this thread in order to see how we can implement this. Support for videos with transparency in background - Feedback - Intuiface Community

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It would be awesome to have it. It would open many new possibilities

Any plan for release date?

Two weeks! Designers – we have a surprise coming up for you 🎉 - Announcements - Intuiface Community

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Incredible. I am eager to use it!!!

very exciting - have you got a date for release yet?

It’s coming very, very soon :wink:

You can already start to generate your .mov files using Apple PNG Codecs or AVI uncompressed with alpha channel.

Good news, this feature has been released in IntuiFace version 5.6! :tada:

See other good news here: IntuiFace version 5.6 aka "The Designer Release" is here! - Announcements - Intuiface Community

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have not had a chance to look at this properly yet - just wondering if anyone is using this great new functionality to enhance menu options / transitions.