Suggested hardware specs - flash based animations


Hello everyone,
We have a project which uses flash animations at 15 fps. The computer uses 16GB RAM and an built-in Intel Video card that with almost 1,760 MB of available memory but 128Mb dedicated video memory.

The animations are running slow and I already tried different things in the content to speed it up. No a lot of luck.

The client is willing to update the hardware but wanted to check if anyone has a suggestion about the hardware specs. Do you know if Flash content can improve performance with a different video card?

Any pointer will be great!



The issue is probably the dedicated memory to your video card.

First recommendation is to use a NVIDIA video card (designed for gaming) that has it’s own dedicated memory. (And not a video card sharing the main memory like most PC’s)

I had a computer built with a NVIDIA 4GB dedicated video card on top of the systems 16 gb and my applications (Including embedded Flash virtual tours etc…) run very smoothly with that . (The PC is also running a Intel I7 processor and has liquid cooled system etc… )