Suggested Android Tablets running IF

We are developing a project where an Intuiface experience should be displayed on a 12" (aprox) tablet with an RFID-Phidget antenna connected via USB. Which brand/model can you recommend with a good quality and a fair price? We’ll display only product pictures and some text (no crazy things). We should able to update the experience remotely. Thanks!


I think you may have a problem finding a tablet which supports and RFID reader VIA the USB port. I could be wrong but.

How about a surface pro? - Windows OS, You could easily have an RFID reader on this device.

Asus Zenpad 10? - Android

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@Louie… thanks for your suggestion!
Sorry for not mentioning…We need 20 tablets so we should provide an entry level model and robust model, they will be embeded into a POP container on every point of sale and I am afraid customers will hit them hardly…SurfacePro is expensive and I am . I will check for Asus Zenpad. Thanks!

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Hi Andrea, you can check for chinese suppliers, I checked for a few in the past, and a few of them had the robust ones for a decent price.

Hi Melvin, thanks for your suggestion. But the quantity of tablets (20) we need is so small that is not competitive going to source in China. Thx

Hi Andrea

We have used some of Glorystars products in the past and are pleased with the products. We sell them here in DK. I haven’t tried it with the RFID and I think that the smallest screen with RFID is 15.6"

Hi Kasper, thanks for recomending that brand. It looks interesting! RFID is connected via USB port…so if tablets has that port we are fine. Are you so far satisfied with that brand and quality of their products? Thanks a lot

Hi Andrea
Yes we are satisfied with Glorystars products, as I mentioned we haven’t tried this particular screen.

Hi Andrea,

Yes, I too contacted Glorystars, for RFID to android, I dont think intuiface has something that supports it directly, we were looking for the same use scenario, but had couldnt find anything that worked out of the box. For RFID, intuiface directly uses Phidgets, but then you need to develop your own asset which will allow the android OS to talk to the XP for the RFID.

If you are using another RFID, you will again have to develop your interface asset for that to talk to the intuiface XP.

Windows is much simpler, atleast you can use the built in Phidgets asset for RFID straight out.

Hi Melvyn, thanks for your suggestion. That’s sad…I viewed that Phidgets support Android but it’s tricky to properly configurate. At this stage I believe Win10 system is the best solution. Regards

Hi Andrea,

As a Kiosk Android device, good quality per price, I would go with something from ProDVX

I have to mention that RFID-Phidget Interface Asset is only supported on Windows devices. It will not work on Android devices.


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Hello Mihai, thanks a lot for your precious suggestion! I’ll contact them today.