Stucking content after clearing filters

Hi everyone!

I am working with an excel file. I have my names listed in an asset grid fed by the excel and another asset grid containing pictures. This second asset grid’s source is the same excel table, but in the template I added picture placeholders, and binded each of them to a row which contains pictures. Like Sponsor 1, Sponsor 2, Sponsor 3.

When I open the preview I see my list of names unfiltered (good) and the picture placeholders appearing according to the first row’s content in the excel (this is still ok).

When I click on a name, it does put a filter on the excel sheet (filter on name column, equals the name column) so those sponsor pictures should appear which belong to that name i clicked.

And it happens. I delete the filter with a button, then all the names appear again, but the picture placeholders keep their contents from the filtering. Moreover if I do another filtering, the previous search results still show if the new search results an empty cell in the same place.

I hope you will see on these screenshots.

I’d appreciate any advise!

Thank you!


Hi @Zoltan,

In order to achieve what you want, I think you may want to rework your Excel structure.

  1. a worksheet containing your artist records with artist picture and info
  2. another worksheet containing all the sponsors and a column that you will be able to filter based on the selected artist

    Note that with this method, you can have as much sponsor as you want with extra data, like sponsor image etc.

With such structure, you will be able to filter using Triggers/Actions and Bindings, like this:
WHEN artist is tapped THEN filter Sponsors list with artist_involved contains artist_id

I’ve set up a quick sample I’m attaching to this message. (6.2 MB)

Kind regards,


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Dear @Alex,

Thank you very much! I’ll give it a try!
Can you tell me what does the “:” serve in the artist_involved column? To avoid matching in the cases of A1 and A11 for example?

Oh yes, sorry, my bad, I did it as an habit.

It’s indeed a separator so you can concatenate “:” before and after the string you search in order to differentiate A1 and A11, you got it :+1:

I even forgot to do it, but you can add this converter by clicking the little swirl on the binding and enclose the string with “:” (see below).

Apologies :grimacing:

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Dear @Alex,

Never mind! I most appreciate your help!
Please don’t get bored of my questions :sweat_smile:

I applied your example, and the filtering seems to be working well! Thank you again!
I noticed one difference though in your example and mine and I can’t see what causes it.

When I start yours, no sponsors appear until I choose a name, in mine the whole sponsor list appears. The same when I clear the filter. What can be the reason for this?

Thank you (and sorry for all these probably silly newbie questions)


No problem @Zoltan,

In order to empty the list on start and avoid displaying all sponsors, I added a Trigger/Action when the scene is entered.

As you see, I’m filtering with a non-existing Artist value (I picked “NONE”).
This filter is overwritten later when user selects an artist.



Got it, thank you!

Have a nice day!