Stop Windows Player Auto Updates

Is it possible to stop the ‘Player for Windows’ from automatic updates upon launch?

My client is running an experience on multiple laptops and the Player for Windows has been updated twice in the past two weeks. When a new player update is available, the player is automatically updated and the user need to re-downlaod the entire experience, which has a file size of 2.9GB, so it takes a while.

It would be ideal if the end user could choose to apply to update, rather than have it forced upon them.

Additionally, it would be great if the experience doesn’t have to be downloaded again too (i.e. 2.9GB download each time, across many computers takes a while).

The only workaround I can see if to disable the Internet Connection. However if an experience update needs to be applied, both the Player for Windows and experience must be updated.

Any advice would be great. Thank you.

Hi Randall,

installed player on windows never auto-update automatically.

I suspect that in your case you were using Share an experience using a public URL

Can you check this?


HI Christophe,

Thanks for this information and yes, I’m using the ‘Share an experience using a public URL’.

Given that’s the case, I suspect the client was using Intuiface incorrectly and repeatedly downloading the experience via the URL rather than running it locally once downloaded. Is this the correct way in which it should function?

As I understand, the experience will only update if a new version has been published.

Thank you.

Hi Randall,

Once an experience downloads its runs off locally and yes, you only need to download when there’s an update published but even then, then entire XP does not download, just the changes made.

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Hi Melvyn, thanks for this information. This confirms all of the issues relate to incorrect usage by my client. Problem solved, thanks.