Step though animation / triggers

Is there a way to visually see and step though an animation / triggers without going into the player part of the composer? When making a little more complex multi-step animation, it would be cool to be able to start at a specific step in the animation or to pause and go back one step so I can watch and figure out what needs changed.

Currently I find my self making some changes, then going to player and stepping though the previous 10 steps to get to the part I am work on. Then watching and sometimes missing the thing I wanted to see and have to exit and start all over in player.

Would love to be able to see item move in composer as I step though the sections while I am programing it. Almost like a live view in composer.


Hello @Jroman7,

If you want to see the timing/preview of an animation do this:

Open the Triggers and Actions - Details

Click the Show Timeline button or Show Timing and Animation

Then click the Play animation button

Keep in mind this show the animation for that trigger and not the entire experience.

If you have any other questions, you should contact our support team directly.


Thanks!! I missed that play button. I have used that timeline a lot to make sure things are in order, but yeah… thanks!