Sports Brackets Help

Hi all!

I’m creating a sports bracket for our station’s sports department as high school football playoffs are approaching. I’ve got the first round of the bracket working well- the user can hit a “winner” of a game, and can switch who has won (as this is for a podcast talking about the broadcaster’s opinions about the playoffs).

The trouble I’m coming into is this: I’ve got it coded so that in the first game in the first round, the winner automatically is entered into the first game of the next round. But I can’t figure out how to get the winner of the 2nd, 3rd, etc. games of the first round into the 2nd round.

Does anyone have any experience in building such a program? I can share the XP with you, but I’d rather do that directly via DM rather than leave it open in a public forum like this, you know how it is. :slight_smile: If you think you could help, please hit me up! Thanks in advance.


PM sent :slight_smile:

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Thank you much, sir!