Source video glitching in project

Hi all,

I’m new to intuiface, and working on a project for an exhibition. Basically, I have an attract screen that, when tapped, plays a video. However, the video being played is having a small glitch a couple seconds in that doesn’t occur in the source video- it happens only while being played as part of the composer project. Any ideas?

edit: glitch occurs in main video only after being triggered by tapping the attractor screen. Glitch doesnt happen when I play just the scene with the video in question.

Hi @kjohnston, welcome to the Intuiface Community!

It sounds like you may need to contact the support team for this issue. They’re really helpful!

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Update from the support thread, this was solved by putting the video in a background layer and switching from VLC to WMP video asset :slight_smile:

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