Sortable List items

Hello Team,

Is there a way to sort a list of items in Intuiface(Asset Grid or Pin board), like the jQuery(Sortable | jQuery UI).
I have a set of list items in my database and wanted to sort the list like the above link. Please suggest.


Hello @srjanga,

It is possible to sort the database(Excel or Headless CMS), but this does not allow for the dragging and dropping sorting.

Were you looking to just sort them or allow them to be dragged and sorted?

Hello @rdriscoll ,

Yes we want both the list to be dragged and sorted, the example what we are looking something similar to the link which I have added in my previous description(Sortable | jQuery UI).

Hi @srjanga,

even though I won’t say this is impossible to build in Intuiface, it is definitely neither easy nor an off the shelf feature of Intuiface.
We don’t have any existing sample to share that would achieve that, but here are the features I would suggest you look into if you wish to go that route:

  • Build a custom Interface Asset to handle your list of objects / allow to re-order.
  • Create as many drop zones as you need in your list (rectangle shapes)
  • Use drag & drop triggers so that when an item is dropped on one of these targets, it calls an action on your custom IA to re-order the list, for ex: setItemPosition(itemID, PositionNumber)

and go from there.

Keep us posted of your investigations.

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Last year I had a similar challenge. I couldn’t find a solution, but I came up with this prototype that allows you to incrementally change item position in a list by clicking on +/- buttons rather than drag & drop. I used some sorting tricks that @Seb taught me. Ultimately, the end result wasn’t good enough, nevertheless it was an interesting problem to attempt to solve.

Click to move item (6.4 MB)