Something BIG is coming!

Hello community!

Guess what! Something BIG&EXCITING is coming in 5 days and we are feeling very impatient about it. :laughing:
We have been taking very careful and meaningful steps towards this big day and we are absolutely ready and thrilled to be able to share the experience and excitement with you… well, SOON!
You know what they say…big changes start with small steps.
So, here’s another step. A POP QUIZ!
Can you guess what these triangles are about??:laughing:
a Hint! Cute little triangles = Big change

Share your guesses in the comments :smiley:





A new platform :wink: or a new support site :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind Regards


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The ONLY news I am looking out for w.r.t Intuiface is when it will be supported on the web?
Imagine having what you can create using Intuiface exposed through a web browser to anyone on the globe! My imagination have no limits with what will be possible then. I assume I didn’t miss that announcement, did I? I really hope so. It would be so awesome.

Hi Paul. You didn’t miss it. :slight_smile: There are a variety of reasons why Intuiface isn’t on the Web but I’ll give you two big ones:

  1. Putting Player on the Web would require an entirely new business model. We have a per-device subscription model for Player. No way we can do that for something that can be opened in any random Web browser. In fact, does that mean we’re competing with Wix and Webflow? The mind boggles at the implications so we’re not going there, not any time soon.
  2. Intuiface enables its users to put 1GB+ videos, 3D models, etc. in their experiences. This will have a significant impact on performance over the Web. Should we make users wait for super large 3D models to download? Should we build some mechanism that “shrinks” media before transmitting? Should we just say caveat emptor and tell people they’ve been warned? There is no easy answer and all have either development or business implications.

It’s non-trivial for a variety of reasons so for now, Intuiface Player will run locally.

By the way, Intuiface runs on six operating systems! Love us for how amazing we are. :slight_smile:



Very good points! Thanks

Triggering new animations before the initial animation is complete? That would be a huge deal.