Snapshots - picture 5000x5000 px

Hi all,

I am using Snapshots to get the personalalized image I am creating in my experience (like the Garment of the Marketplace).

My exp is 1080x1920, but I am supposed to ‘export’ the a 5000x5000px image.
Snaposhotting my Scene in witch I put the 5000x5000 graphic, the result is a 1080x1920 snapshot with the cropped part of the image visible in the 1080x1920.

Is there a way to let this work out?

Thank you

Hi @p.secomandi,

If you need to export a 5000x5000 visual, you need to take a snapshot of an object rendered with a 5000x5000 size.

Here’s what I would try:

  • Once the snapshot is ready to be taken, have your content duplicated, outside of the screen, in a 5000x5000 group
  • take a snapshot of that off-the-screen group

Be careful, such a snapshot will result in a very large PNG file.

Let me know if that works for you and don’t hesitate to share more information about your scenario.



Hi @Seb,

I tried this but unluckly (for a reason I don’t full understand), taking snaposhot of the obj of 5000x5000px, out of the view, the only snaposhot I found in the folder is about the ‘active’ XP area (in my case snapshot of the button).

I like your idea because I can show-hide images, which, overlapped, creates another image with layers. This way I’d have the expected result, but this dimention might be a problem.
Is there anything else you’d try to achevie this?

If you have a specific issue on your XP, I suggest you to contact our support team. You’ll be able to share your XP with them, and hopefully they’ll help you fix that.

Thank you Seb.
Will do!

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