Snapshot to excel?

is there a way to snapshot to an excel sheet

i want to add cart items to excel sheet which i can do but is there a way to snapshot it and save the excel of each order

order 1

then click and it saves into an excel created by intuiface

Yes, absolutely you can do this but we don’t use a “snapshot” per se.

What you can do is create a new excel file with the column headers you will want to log (ie. date, time, or product ID, cost, ect.) and save it locally. Then add an excel IA and select that new file. Once you have the excel IA in your project you can add an additional action to your normal cart trigger (buttons) to add a row to that excel file. On the action you can either use binding to grab the selected information you would like to save to each column or type the information manually which you would like to have added to that particular column.

For instance in the attached screen shot you can see that I am using binding to grab the current date/time from the clock IA, and then I manually typed other information I would like to add to the excel file when this trigger happens.

This method works exactly as you described and is what I do in all of my projects to give me a full log of every action any user makes in my experiences. These logs go a long way with clients and help explain what happened this time and what you can better prepare for next time.

When it come time to retrieve this excel file you can find it in the following path; “Intuiface_File_Name”\Files\InterfaceAssets"\yourExcelFileName.xls"

I hope this helps.



thank you so much for the reply that helps big time but the option i wanted was if i had a shopping cart with 5 items in can intuiface create the excel sheet in the folder not the other way around.

so order placed , intuiface creates order1.csv or .xlsl in folder with all the order list

thank you

Ahh, you are very welcome and I see.

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, Intuiface can manipulate all manner of documents, but cannot create documents. I will have to have Seb or someone else jump in here but I’m not sure that can be done or how best to approach that goal.

Assuming you want the actual order information from the cart in this new file for fulfillment and delivery, could you not take that same information and add it to an email using the Share via Email IA, then have that as a reference for the order?

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Hi @itslouiegordon,

As @erichpeters said, Intuiface won’t be able to create a new Excel file each time you want to “save an order”.

You could append the order in an existing file, and then use one of the columns as the “order ID” to make the difference between all the IDs.

You could also use the Share via Filesystem to copy that Excel file in a dedicated folder. Although you won’t be able to change the file name, you could change the folder name. In this case, you could clear the main Excel file used after each order, and only keep the copies in the created folder.


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