Snapshot quality

Hi everybody,

i just wanted to ask, if here is any option to get a better quality from snapshots made by the webcam?

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Hi Gary,

Quality of snapshots is directly inherited from 2 elements:

  • your webcam resolution
  • the size of the element you’re “snapshoting”

For instance, if you have a 4K Webcam, and you display it in a 4K size Webcam Asset on a 4K size experience, your snapshot will be a crispy 4K image (3840x2160px).

If you have a low quality Webcam (640x360) and you display it in a resized webcam asset (1280x720) the snapshot will be ugly because you’re zooming on an already bad quality picture.



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Hi Alex,

thank you very much for the quick response and of course for the information.

Have a nice weekend.