Slowness between scenes after a while

I have an experience running on two iPads, 24 hours a day for the last 2 months. Normally it is running a “screen saver slide show” which is just the first 6 scenes being cycled through. If you touch the screen on the experience you are moved to a static user interface screen with 4 main buttons. Dining, Activities, Shipping and Airlines. Clicking airlines takes to another screen with buttons for a bunch of airlines. Each of those buttons takes you to an external website for that airline. It brings that website up in Safari. The Concierge then switches tasks back to Intuiface when the guest leaves.

They are complaining that the navigation between the Main Airline Button and the screen with the 20 airline buttons is taking longer and longer. The buttons load slowly and you can see them pop up one at a time.

Could there be some sort of cache building that is causing the slowdown? If so is there something I can schedule within Intuface to purge the cache or restart the experience. These are the newest iPad Pros so horsepower shouldn’t be an issue

Hi Greg,

I recommend you to contact our support team so they can investigate.