Slow frame rate on multi-screen video walls?

I put together an experience for a university that will span 12 55inch displays. We have a similar wall in our lab I was testing this on (but only 9 panels). It performs fine with no dropped frames on 2 other large 4K monitors I’ve tested it on - however when it comes to playing it across multiple displays at 5760x3240, it appears to only be showing about 4 frames per second. Very chuggy. :frowning:

This happened first a few weeks ago when windows 7 was installed on the Boxx machine (with 3 NVIDIA QUADRO M5000 cards) running the video wall. We’ve since upgraded to Windows 8 (there’s another unrelated specific reason we didn’t do 10) but we’re still having the same issue.

Are there any known issues with intuiface experiences running slowly on tiled screen video walls?



I think the reason of poor performances are exactly the same than the one I just explained in 12K video wall stress tests & VLC vs Intuiface comparison - #13 by carson - Help from Community - Intuiface Community
I know that using graphic effects (blur / hue rotation…) on multiple displays kill the perfs (it obviously depends on the GPU, its memory and the resolution and the number of displays). And I am pretty sure (no tested yet on our side) that multiple GPU will not deal properly this issue.


For anyone else reading this, I disabled my sepia and hue effects and performance shot back up. I was dealing with tons of pictures so a work around I’m setting up is batch actions in photoshop to take care of the effects processing instead of doing it all in realtime on the collection.

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