Sliding Tile Puzzle



I was wondering if anyone had any experience creating a sliding tile puzzle game. The game where its a jumbled image to begin, and when you click a square next to the empty space, it will slide into the empty spot. This was a client Idea, I’m just curious if its possible before i spend too much time trying to figure it out.



Hi @bgroff,

I’m pretty sure I saw someone who made such a puzzle with Intuiface, but can’t find it in my archives.
I’d bet on Paolo @tosolini so let’s see if he remembers something about it :slight_smile:



I think this was it: Arrange Game - Sharing my XP with the community



Maybe @melvyn_br might be able to help you. I think he once tried to help a community member making one.



Thanks Chloe, I knew it was somewhere, just couldn’t find the right keyword :slight_smile: