Sliding controller to increment the display of a group of images

I am trying to figure out how to have a slider or scroll bar like element increment through a set of graphics or frames of a movie clip displayed in a window. Much like the video timeline sliding controller, but I would like to be able to modify the look and size of the user interface elements and have them always visible.

Has anyone done anything like that or come across a tutorial that covers something like that?



Hi @leigh, there is no native Asset to address such a scenario in IntuiFace.

HOWEVER, as you may know we released today version 5.7 that include a new collection : the scroll collection.
When we were designing this collection, we discovered a side use that allows you to recreate such a slider. You’ll find an example here :

To be honest, this solution is a little tricky and requires you to understand both Bindings and Binding converter mechanisms but I hope it will help you with your scenario.

Tell me if it helps.


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