Sliding button - Imagine a volume slider



Is this possible?

I am basically trying to create a horizontal timeline where I intend to place images instead of dates. I would then like a button above the timeline that can slide left and right across the entire timeline and when stopped it would trigger whatever is relevant to the image it stops on.

This is why I am asking about a volume type slider as this should be able to do what I need with a few minor adjustments to triggers of course.



HI @azyl2
Yes, what you are describing is possible, I’ve done it a couple times with timelines.

Here’s a similar post where I describe how it’s done. You’ll use parallax movements and a slider. Then create invisible rectangles at each place you’d like the slider to drop and actions to happen. Use the “When object is dropped on” trigger to do this.

Here’s the link: Vertical Timeline

Also, I believe you can use the Linear binding tool to create a volume slider as well. Create your slider with a group containing your line and a slider rectangle. Then bind the slider rectangle to the volume of your media asset. Using linear binding… you’ll set it so “as the rectangle moves from X1 to X2, then volume goes from Y1 to Y2”

Good luck! If you need any more clarification, feel free to reply back.



Thank you for the info. You speak of an example XP that demos this parallax movements. Do you remember which one it was?

I think if I see this I might get an idea of how to do this. This is literally the first time I am a bit stuck with Intuiface :slight_smile:



We use paralax in this sample:

And you can also download the design accelerator called
"Visual Effects" it has a horizontal and vertical paralax example