Slideshow Collection - Enable/Disable Display Duration

Right now it appears that the Slideshow collection’s transitions cannot be stopped. You have no other option but to set a duration of the next transition.

It would be really nice to enable/disable the timer. A couple reason would be:

  • You can stop/start the slideshow whenever you want. ie; hold an image and change it when needed.
  • If you use the Slideshow to hold entire menus, you don’t need to set all the show/hide with fade transitions. You can simply change the index.

Keep the transition duration and the effect settings available at all times though. Then you could easily change the effects dynamically for each index change if you like.

(By the way, I know you could set the duration to a LONG time. But you’ll notice the movement/framing of the item. So I don’t think this is a very clean work around)

I love this collection and want to use it more. Not having this control is really the only thing hold me back lol.

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Agree! I’ve been using a carousel for a continuous loop, but if the number of items grow past a certain point, it can get all wonky. The slideshow can dynamically grow, but not being able to pause it, then set a duration, makes it difficult to display any new item in the slideshow for x seconds before it moves onto the next item. Has a mind of its own.